Chubby's Bar and Grill

Chubby's Bar and Grill

Kris Langley
111 SE Vine St., Atlanta

Mon-Thurs: 9am to 12am;
Fri & Sat: 9am to 1am;
Sun: 11am to 9pm


In January of 2020, Kris Langley took over ownership of Chubby's from the previous owners Randy and Sally Gaddert who had owned Chubby’s since 2007. Prior to that, locals will remember the place as Johnny's or even as a feed store in the 40's.

With COVID, it has been a wild and crazy first year. They are limited to 25% capacity, have added extra safety precautions, including sneeze guards for the kitchen, and have added delivery to help boost sales and provide a valuable service to the small community that it serves. Delivery is offered Monday through Friday from 5pm to 12am and all day Saturday and Sunday. There's no delivery charge in town, but they do offer delivery in a 20 mile radius for a $2/mile fee one way, and free delivery for orders over $45. Chubbys also provides catering, often serving hundreds of tacos. Chubbys delivers to Atlanta, McLean, Lawndale, Armington, Waynesville,  and the surrounding area.

Kris said, "I try to be as competitive as possible with the best product possible." He upgraded to 90/10 hamburger, switched to a higher quality bun and has made other adjustments. He strives to feed families for $20 - $30.

Chubbys is big on supporting all heroes (police, fire, medical, EMT's, veterans, etc.) and will either buy their first drink or offer 15% off their bill. They also have a "Pay it Forward Balance", a fund set aside to help people in their community (say your neighbor is sick, and has no family to help them out, you come in to have dinner and mention that you would like to put them on the pay it forward list, they will prepare a meal and deliver it to them.)

They offer daily specials, as well as the general menu. Specials are subject to change, so check out their page daily to be sure. Tuesday's are the most popular special, "Taco Tuesday". Call early or pre-order to be sure to get your tacos those days. They also plan to start offering fish platters on Fridays.

Kris says that he wants everyone to feel like they are at home at Chubbys and that everybody is a friend. Kris said, "If we didn't have a community, we wouldn't be here.” Thank you Kris and family for your continued generosity, support, and investment in Logan county. If you haven't tried Chubby's, be sure to check them out soon!

Sara Harvey is one of the moderators of the Facebook group “Logan County Restaraunts”. The group can be found at:

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