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H.C. Hawes Store

H.C. Hawes Store

A blast from the past, courtesy of the Logan County Visitors Bureau..

In the 1850’s Logan County looked very different. It was a time when there were lots of small towns being formed along the railroad and settlers were growing in the prairie. By 1855, Atlanta, Illinois had experienced a boom of unprecedented growth.

“During the Summer of 1855, the town had ten drygoods stores, two drugstores, three furniture stores, two harness shops, and three grocery stores. Other buildings included a hardware stores, two hotels, and various mechanical shops.” Logan County Pictorial History, pg. 23—Paul E. Gleason & Paul J. Beaver.

In 1856, one of the grocery/provision stores was the H.C. Hawes Store. This is an image from the inside of the store, that was located on First Street. H.C. Hawes is the man with the black tie.

(Image-Logan County Pictorial History, pg. 28—Paul E. Gleason & Paul J. Beaver.)

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