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Consolidated Elections

So who's on your April 6 ballot? These Consolidated Elections are very "local" and very important. Want to avoid bad weather? You can vote by mail! Just contact us and we'll send you your application request form or go on our website. Just "Google" McLean County Clerk and click on the elections link, or call us at 309.888.4035. Bloomington voters, contact becvote.org as McLean County has two election jurisdictions.

We are in the last stages of our proofing process and nearly ready to send off to the printer. We have the ballots online for your review. If you know your precinct, you can see exactly for whom you will be voting. Look at your voter registration card for your Polling Place and precinct #, or you can go online at our website and find the link to look up your precinct. Here's the link to see each ballot in McLean County. Does not include City of Bloomington. Don't forget, you can request your ballot be mailed to you and vote from the comfort of your home, or vote early, this time at the BCPA. https://www.mcleancountyil.gov/1536/Ballot-Proof

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