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Maple Sirup Experience Tapping Kits

If you have sugar maple trees in your yard and have been thinking of tapping them, this is the year and now is the time. Purchase a Tapping Kit and create your own Maple Sirup Experience! The kit includes a bucket, lid, and spile as well as instructions and a link to an informational video to walk you through the process. All you need is a sugar maple tree with a minimum 38” circumference and a few tools (a drill with a 7/16" bit, a hammer, and a measuring tape) and you are ready to tap! The video features Nature Center volunteer, PK, who will provide thorough instruction to prepare you for your adventure.

Kits include an authentic vintage bucket, lid, and spile used for decades to tap the trees in Funks Grove. You will also receive a tapping instruction sheet walking you through the process of tapping, collecting and processing sap, and finishing off your sirup. Fee: $25. If you wish to tap more than one tree, each additional bucket and lid with spile can be purchased for $15.

Tools (a brace and bit hand drill with a 7/16" bit, a measuring tape, and a hammer) can be borrowed for free, with a $50 refundable deposit.

Get tapping!

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