The Farm Sitter

The Farm Sitter

The Farm Sitter is a dog walking, pet and farm sitting business from Mackinaw, IL. that owner Chris Youngmark opened in 2018. When asked about how he got started, he proclaimed, “I began The Farm Sitter based on the premise of helping farmers in rural areas with pet care when they are away from their residence, specifically in the Mackinaw Area where I reside.”

The Farm Sitter offers three branches of services covering dogs, cats, and domestic animals; horses and hobby farms; and emergency care and visits. Services are offered to residents in the Mackinaw Valley and Central, IL area. The prices range from $15-$100 depending on the service needed. Based on the reviews of The Farm Sitter, Chris and his business are rated very highly by previous customers and say that Chris is dependable, polite, and professional. 

After conducting an interview with Mr. Youngmark, I saw the same qualities that his customers identified. We began by discussing what was his favorite part of the business. Chris stated, “My favorite part is the variety; I work with different types of animals ranging from A to Z. I also enjoy that no two days are the same. Anyone who works with animals knows it’s not really work and I like getting to exercise while I do it.” Chris also discussed that he is hiring his first couple of employees soon. He explained that, like many other businesses, 2020 was a difficult year. He lost a lot of business from the pandemic because when people started working from home and stopped traveling they didn’t need the extra assistance for taking care of their pets. Thankfully, Chris said that 2021 has been more promising for The Farm Sitter! He stated that he is thankful that his business can adapt to the new family dynamic that has been brought about by the pandemic.

One thing Chris would want a potential customer to know is, “There are reliable pet care services in the rural areas and I like to think that we are one of a kind.” If you are looking for quality animal care The Farm Sitter might be perfect for you. You can contact Chris Youngmark at (309) 287-9014, through email to, or through The Farm Sitter Facebook page.

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