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Tremont Fire & Rescue Recruiting

Tremont Fire & Rescue Recruiting

Emergency Services in Tremont continues to grow in the response needs for our community, the Tremont School District, and those who pass through it. Recent responses to the COVID19 Pandemic have proven demanding with our current participating membership levels. The need to bring on additional qualified and capable individuals is ever increasing. With that said, Tremont Fire Department and Tremont Rescue are seeking ‘NEW’ recruits.

We are looking for individuals with strong character, good work ethic, commitment to community, and a heart to serve others above self. The minimum age requirement for a recruit is 18 years of age. There are also residency requirements for anyone interested, due to the need for expedited responses to emergent situations.

If you have any interest please visit the following website(s) for more information: www.tremontfire.com/recruiting or www.tremontrescue.com/recruiting.

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