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Waynesville American Legion

Waynesville American Legion

The Waynesville American Legion has been a large part of the Waynesville community for several years. They hold different events such as their cheeseburger nights, St Patty’s Day Party, trivia nights, chilli cookoffs, the Olympia Progressive Baseball Association’s fundraising night, the Cash Bash, and many more different events or fundraisers. Waynesville natives and area locals have enjoyed these different events throughout the years. Township Supervisor Cathy Cisco said, “Waynesville needs this organization in our community. They provide the building for so many different events.”

This year the Waynesville American Legion started their cheeseburger night “season”, on February 12th and ran every other Friday until March 26th. This event starts at 5:30 and goes until around 7:30 featuring a $4 cheeseburger that can be accompanied by french fries, onion rings, cheeseballs, mozzarella sticks, mushrooms, and tater tots. This year especially, many Waynesville citizens treated these Friday nights as their night to go out, with many other local places to eat having COVID restrictions. Not only that, but the community loves supporting the Waynesville American Legion, almost every Facebook post from the Legion has a good number of shares and comments from community members. 

Another popular event hosted at the Waynesville American Legion is the Olympia Progressive Baseball Association’s fundraising event, the Cash Bash. The OPBA has done the Cash Bash for many years at the Legion and it has always been a great event. The OPBA is Olympia’s travel summer baseball organization, that takes kids from Waynesville and other Olympia communities to play baseball during the summer. Having a connection with the Waynesville American Legion has been a vital part of the OPBA’s fundraising over the years. Not only does the Legion provide the building, they also provide a chicken dinner for everyone that attends. The Cash Bash has provided some incredible memories for Olympia’s baseball families that would not be possible without the support of the Waynesville American Legion.

As you can tell, the Waynesville American Legion is very active in the community. Because of their involvement, the community gives great support to the Legion, and it is amazing how that relationship gives pure benefit to both sides. The Waynesville American Legion is a great part of our community.

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