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Golf Cart Rule Reminder

Golf Cart Rule Reminder

It’s that time of year again! Here are some things to remember and a refresher on the rules.

Carts must be registered with the Village and inspected by the Police. You must be 21 and have a valid drivers license to operate on the roadway. Carts must have turn signals, head and tail lights, slow moving vehicle emblem, rear view mirror, brake lights, and visible registration plate provided by the Village with valid sticker. You must have valid insurance.

Carts may only be driven on Village owned roadways, state highways and county roadways are off limits. Just remember, all of these rules must be followed or you can be subject to The rules of the Illinois Vehicle code and issued uniform traffic tickets. All stickers are renewable by May 30 of each year. After May 30 there will be an additional charge

Any questions please contact the Police Department at 309-963-6330

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