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How to Etch Glass

How to Etch Glass

When my husband and I got married, I wanted to make some custom gifts for our wedding party. I chose to make custom beer steins and wine glasses! If you’ve never tried it, this is actually something you can easily do at home. It’s super easy and cheap!

There are so many possibilities of what you can make and these make great gifts.  It doesn’t have to be wine glasses or beer steins you can etch anything glass… mason jars, beer mugs, trifle bowls, candles, etc…  Just follow this etched glass tutorial and then sit back and admire the beautiful etched glass that you made!

Material List

Etching Cream
Glass of your choice – I bought a lot of my wine glasses from the Dollar Tree and beer steins online. 
Transfer Tape
Cricut Cutting machine or order a set of stencils on line. Lots of people make custom stencils. 

First thing you’ll want to do is cut out your design on vinyl.  If you don’t have a cricut cutting machine you can use any cutting machine, buy something off Etsy or even use stickers. For this project, we are using the vinyl as a stencil so you will want to weed OUT the design.  Weeding Out the design means you’ll print the negative space. You’ll want to reverse the wording so it prints just the letters. You’ll wa