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Section 9 Dairy Judging Contest

Section 9 Dairy Judging Contest

It was so great to be able to have our Section 9 Dairy Judging Contest on March 31st! Special thanks to Aberle Farms, Inc. and Koch’s Holsteins, Inc. for hosting all of us at their farms. Also, thank you to Dan Schweigert and Darren Ropp for serving as the official judges for the event.

One more set of thank yous to my students who volunteered to help with collecting cards, scoring, timing, tearing down, loading gates, and other miscellaneous items during the day: Reese Love, Brady Uhlman, Jesse Wagenbach, Joshua Dennis, Sanita Baer, Clayton Schweigert, Kenzie Michel, and Dixie Michel. 

BEST NEWS: Tremont’s team took home 1st Place! Kenzie Michel was the 2nd Place Individual, Dixie Michel was the 7th Place Individual, and Clayton Schweigert was the 8th Place Individual!!!!

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