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Local Tarzan Answers the Call of the Wild

Local Tarzan Answers the Call of the Wild

Local Tarzan’s Compassionate Wildlife Solutions is a local wildlife rescue organization, based out of Bloomington, run by Chase Cavalera. Chase has a background in veterinary medicine, wildlife, and private investigation. He says that “these skills have pointed me in the direction of my true calling, that is, answering the call of the wild yet voiceless.” Chase operates as “the investigator, the negotiator, the ambulance, and the short-term nurse” for wild animals in need. This has all been made possible for Chase by the Department of Natural Resources, who authorized him to be able to work with wildlife. 

Chase told me that his love for animals has been present “since the dawn of my creation.” He told me about how his family always had a dog when he was a kid and how he liked to look around in the woods to see what kind of animals he could find. His love for animals never changed. Years ago, Chase was working as a personal trainer when the staff at his gym found that a duck had laid her eggs inside of the building.  Knowing Chase’s background with animals, his coworkers relied on him to take care of the eggs. When the eggs hatched, he knew to take them outside to their mother. Ever since then, Chase has been involved with the Department of Natural Resources and helping wildlife in need. 

Recently, the “Local Tarzan”, came to help a wild animal in need in Stanford. It was on a cold and rainy spring day when he got a call about a kitten being stuck under a dumpster. As soon as he got the call, he was on his way from Bloomington to help. When he got there and managed to get the animal out from under the dumpster, it turned out to be a fox! They took the fox inside and dried her off and got her warm. The fox is now in rehab in Chenoa and in great condition, thanks to Chase’s efforts. 

But Chase enjoys the challenges of saving wildlife. He says, “Critters outside of the house have a necessary role in the ecosystem, and I love all those critters.” Chase does this all while being an unfunded resource. Although homeowners or tenants may be billed a nominal fee, most of his job brings him to public areas, making his efforts completely out of pocket. Donations can be made via the Local Tarzan’s Compassionate Wildlife Solutions Facebook page. Chase does all this hard work with animals, that isn’t always so pretty, simply because of his love for the animals and his passion to make a difference in the world. 

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