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The City of Atlanta’s Tourism Department

The City of Atlanta’s Tourism Department

Atlanta’s Tourism Department’s goal is to drive tourists into Atlanta and have them spend significant time in the town. There are a couple different ways that the tourism department has been able to accomplish this goal. These different methods of driving tourism in Atlanta include outreach with Facebook groups, keeping good relationships with neighboring Route 66 communities, staying in touch with other tourism departments in the region, planning special events, maintaining social media presence, and keeping visitors and tourists connected to Atlanta. 

This summer Atlanta’s Tourism Department has a great plan to drive tourists to the town. They will be doing free guided walking tours in June, July, and August on Fridays and Saturdays from 10am to 2pm. They will provide tourists that do the walking tours an Atlanta informational booklet that they can find other enjoyable activities to do during their time in the town. They are also working to create new visual graphics for social media to help promote their events. They have many different events scheduled for this summer such as the car cruise-in at Dairy Queen with a band on May 30th, the 4th of July festivities on July 3rd that include baseball games, golf tour promotion for first time visitors, Country-Aire providing package for dinner, and there will be a band playing for 3 hours leading up to fireworks. After the 4th of July festivities, there is still the Market Weekend on Route 66 July 17th and 18th. 

The Tourism Department wants Atlanta’s tourism to be diverse and cover multiple demographics and interests. Director Whitney Ortiz said, “Atlanta is so much more than just Route 66 and Abraham Lincoln. There are so many diverse attractions in Atlanta, the key is targeting them to the people groups who would want to see the attraction. I aim to bring in the day-trippers and half-day trippers from the country, region, state, and those visiting in the region as well as the bus tours and car groups Atlantans know and love.”

Atlanta’s Tourism Department is very dedicated to continuing improvement of the tourism in the town. With a great director in Whitney Ortiz, who knows Atlanta very well, and is willing to work hard to see the town grow, the tourism department is in good hands. Atlanta is a great historic town and deserves to be seen by many people. 

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