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Armington Christian Church Hosts Vacation Bible School

Armington Christian Church Hosts Vacation Bible School

The Armington Christian Church just recently had their Vacation Bible School. They invited all children to attend and learn about God. To hear about what went on during VBS, I interviewed Pastor Tyler Escoubas. 

The Bible School lesson was taught through the Zoomerang curriculum from Answers in Genesis. The lessons took place as a simulation of going on a trip through Australia. Here the children could really experience and focus on the value of life we have. Pastor Tyler Escoubas summarizes, “The kids learned that the Creator of the universe created people as his special creation, not an evolution of something different. God created people, as Psalm 139:14 states, ‘I am fearfully and wonderfully made.’ God designed our bodies to function as he intended to see, smell, touch, and hear for our structure and protection. God values everyone, whether young, old, healthy, or sick- each is a priceless treasure. God values people so much that he offered redemption from sin through the death of Jesus to forgive sin and allow people to become part of God's family. Our value is also in our purpose as we have gifts and talents to use for the church to tell others about Jesus and his love and value for each person.” It is clear that the children learned a lot about God and the whole world while at VBS.

Another part of this Vacation Bible School was to raise money for the Children’s Hunger Fund. This organization provides meals to people all over the world that are in need. While providing this service, the organization shares the Gospel with everyone. At the beginning of the week, Pastor Tyler challenged the students to bring in enough money to provide 5 packs of food, which equals 240 meals. To break it down, each meal costs 25 cents, and in each meal pack are 48 meals, giving a family of four food for a week. The Armington Christian Church VBS was able to raise enough for 260 meals!

Throughout the week, the students were able to do other fun activities with lots of crafts. They made boomerangs, painted rocks, and tie-dye shirts as shown in the picture. I can tell that everyone had lots of fun! Lastly, Pastor Tyler would like to invite you to join him for worship at 10:30 am each Sunday morning. The Armington Christian Church values all life and all people.

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