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Love, Identity, and Family Entwine

Single, Out (season 1)


Genre: Comedy, Coming-of-age, Drama, LGBTQIA+
Year Released: 2023
Runtime: 2h
Director(s): Lee Galea
Writer(s): Lee Galea
Cast: Will Hutchins, Steven Christou, Ryan Stewart, Adam Mountain, Jake Hyde, Grant Young, Julie Strini, Julie-Anna Evans, Luke Dunne, Jaive Arlee McEwan, Kimmi, Jack Brophy
Where To Watch: available September 19, 2023; pre-order here, or

RAVING REVIEW: Ever wondered how the picturesque world of Melbourne could turn into a backdrop for a gripping emotional saga? Lee Galea, known for his sharp cinematic vision, gives us just that in SINGLE OUT. Here, the audience is invited on a journey led by Adam, an individual striving to find himself amidst a whirlpool of emotions, discoveries, and, yes, those pesky twists in life that you don’t see coming. Credit goes to Will Hutchins, who brings Adam to life, allowing his raw emotions and vulnerability to resonate with the audience.

At the heart of the story, set in Melbourne's suburbs, we see Adam traversing the terrains of his emerging identity. The beauty of the narrative lies in its universal appeal. While the series delves deep into the LGBTQIA+ realm, the themes of self-discovery, acceptance, and love are universal. And Adam needs to navigate this complex path. His friends and family stand by him, sometimes offering solace, sometimes a funny take on life, and sometimes just being the sounding board he needs.

However, the series doesn’t stop at just Adam. Galea, known for his panache for multi-layered plots, introduces us to the effervescent Marco, thanks to Ryan Stewart's skilled portrayal. But wait, there’s a twist! Enter Josh, Adam's romantic interest, played by the magnetic Adam Mountain. Here's the clincher: Josh is friends with Clay, Adam's brother, to whom Steven Christou brings a nuanced performance, adding depth to this relationship maze. It sounds confusing, but this is the most manageable series; you can fly through season one in just two hours.

One of the series' standout features, its robust ensemble cast, genuinely makes this a team effort. Galea's knack for casting is evident. Hutchins channels his performance, giving his all into his portrayal of Adam, striking a chord with every viewer.

What can one take away as the final credits roll on season one? SINGLE OUT beckons, offering a mirror into lives where love, challenges, and personal growth intermingle. At the same time, the cinematic elements will surely delight the cinephiles; its heart, soul, and genuine narrative promise to draw in every viewer. Whether you’re in for deep reflections or simply seeking engaging content, SINGLE OUT promises a viewing experience long after the screen darkens.

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